Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cute Quotes

As Baby Bear was putting on his P.J.s, he was talking to Jon and I about the puppies and bones on the pajamas. He told us, "They're not alive, they're dead."


Puppy Dog was shouting, "Jelly fish, jelly fish!"

Baby Bear added, "Peanut butter fish, peanut butter fish!"


Vanessa said...

Kids say the funniest stuff. MY boys make me laugh all the time and I encourage their humor. MY oldest has this great skit Everyone loves where he shows off leaning over walking like "an old man" with a can and talking in a wierd voice he says "Get off my lawn you wippersnappers".
I have no idea where he got it but it always gets a laugh, everytime.

Vanessa M

Damama T said...

Puppy Dog and Baby Bear make a great tasting team. If I ever get to meet them in person I think I'll just eat 'em right up!

Brandi said...

Vanessa, I can picture your son doing that. I couldn't help but laugh.


Damama T, you'd have to catch them first.