Friday, March 28, 2008

Kitty Kat Is Free From The Dishes At Last!

Several months ago, we had a family meeting and divided up the chores. Everyone got to have some say in what chores they would do. Kitty Kat was one of the kids who chose washing dishes as one of her chores.

While emptying the dishwasher one day, Kitty Kat got an attitude and sent Monkey away saying that she didn't need her help. So, Jon and I decided that if Kitty didn't want any help, then she wouldn't get any help. She was required to do the job alone until the dishes were caught up. She soon found out that this wasn't much fun. She left the job unfinished every day. Jon and I about went crazy. Many times Jon or I would step in and catch up the dishes to the point that there were only one or two pans for Kitty to wash. She still walked away leaving the job undone. This was a battle we were not going to back down on. However, we did allow Monkey to help dry and put away dishes for the last few weeks.

I am proud to announce that Kitty Kat finally finished the dishes a couple nights ago. We told her at the time that she was done, but it didn't fully register until last night after supper. I overheard Kitty and Monkey discussing who would wash and who would dry. I asked them to repeat what they said and I was told that Kitty had told Monkey that she could wash now that Kitty was no longer responsible for the washing. I said, "Neither of you are doing dishes. We're switching up the jobs remember?" Jaws dropped and grins spread from ear to ear. I did the dishes.


In other Kitty Kat news . . .

Kitty Kat got a book in her Easter basket that had all seven of the Chronicles of Narnia in it. As I type this she is on page 647, most of the way through the sixth book.


tmbmt said...

good for her!

It looks like you won the stubborn war afterall :D I fully expected it to go on for years lol

That's quite a lot of reading! She must really be enjoying it.

Hey drop me line, the lady that had the music books has a couple left, if you're still interested I'll pick em up for you.

Brandi said...

Yeah, she finished the 6th book and is now reading the seventh book (Ch. 4 page 689). Froggie is anxiously waiting for her to finish. Kitty promised Froggie that she could read it when she was done.

Jon said go for it in regards to the music books. I'll e-mail you, as well.

Damama T said...

Wonderful news on all fronts! Congrats on hanging tough and getting your point across.

I cannot believe how fast she reads. That is amazing.

Brandi said...

Yep, she finds a book or something to read everywhere she goes. She gets it honestly. Jon and I both are avid readers. We have to be careful or it interferes with our responsibilities. Poor Kitty, Mom and Dad know all the tricks when it comes to sneaking to read.