Sunday, March 16, 2008

That Crazy Ohio Weather

Last Saturday, we had our "Civil War" snowball fight. We had somewhere around a foot of snow. Throughout the rest of the week, we experienced a weather roller coaster. A couple days we were able to go out in t-shirts or light jackets. One or two days it rained. Yesterday, we woke up to a very thick fog. Visibility was close to that of a blizzard. Jon had to drive to work about three hours before the following picture was taken, when visibility was even worse.

The girls had choir practice yesterday morning at nine. I took this picture just after nine from our spot in our church's parking lot. I included the parking lines to give you an idea of distance. The space between the sets of parking spaces is about one and a half times as long as the spaces.

This picture was taken of the same area at a little after eleven when the girls got out of choir practice.

This is a picture of the area where our snow "forts" were (Fort Leaf was on the left and Fort Bush a.k.a. Fort Mush was on the right). Yep, that is green grass growing. My tulips are about four to five inches tall now. Last Sunday, the snow and roads were so bad that church was canceled for the whole day. This picture was taken today.

I about forgot to mention that several days this week were cold enough to need our winter coats. On our way to church our van temperature gauge said that it was 34 degrees out.


TMBMT said...

news said last night we're supposed to get snow Friday... (not supposed to accumulate though)... ugh.

Valarie said...

HA! Yeah, when we lived in Ohio they always said "If you don't like the weather, just stick around for five minutes."

Brandi said...

Jon said he heard on the radio that we're supposed to have a lot of rain tomorrow. I guess I'll have to venture down into the dungeon to plug in the pump.

Damama T said...

And we wonder why everybody is getting sick so much!! AACK! It's been in the mid to high 70s here. I'm scared to see how bad the summer's going to be. I may be hollering to see if you can put up a cot in the nice dark, cool dungeon for us! LOL!

Thanks for the pictures.