Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One of my favorite things...and a bane to others

This winter and in winters past, I have taken pleasure in looking out my front door and looking at one of the trees in our front yard covered in ice and backlit by the street lamp.

I took this picture tonight, started the download to my blog, and then turned on the news. One of the first things covered was the dangerous ice on the trees and power lines in my county and a neighboring county. There was even a picture that looked a lot like mine. I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the ice covers the branches and there are mini icicles from the rain that froze as it dripped from the tree. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, then you can see the icicles lit by the street lamp. No, those are not Christmas lights on the tree.

The ice is so beautiful, yet oh so dangerous.


Damama T said...

I agree. That is a beautiful sight.

Isn't it amazing how many things in life are like that? Beautiful and dangerous all at once. It's a good teaching tool for the kids to see that not everything that is beautiful is good, and that not everything bad is ugly. So many times we have to look beyond the surface to the heart of the matter to find the truth.

Thanks for sharing the picture. Now would you share one more thing... HOW DO YOU GET IT TO POP UP BIGGER FOR YOU? I can't for the life of me figure that out! LOL!

Brandi said...

Damama T,

Yes, it is amazing.

You're welcome.

Try left clicking the picture with your mouse.