Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Kitchen is Suddenly Bigger

One whole end of my kitchen (about 10.5 square feet of floorspace) was taken over by tools and remodeling stuff. Some of the tools were Jon's and some did belonged to some of his friends. The friends may have claimed theirs a few months ago. I'm not sure. It has been like that for months and I didn't want to mess with it for fear I would misplace someone else's things. Last night, Jon found a new home for the pile. The items are now neatly put away and out of sight. Jon has some more sorting and purging that he wants to do, but he really did get a lot done last night.

Jon even cleaned off the tops of the cupboards in the kitchen. I had been dreading this task. The girls and I helped Jon in the kitchen, but I wasn't a lot of help. We had been shopping for most of the afternoon and my legs were cramping up on me. Jon had me pull a chair into the kitchen to help supervise. I did get one of our cupboards reorganized and got rid of some odds and ends that had collected.


I never did get a post up for Resurrection Sunday. I had a bunch of thoughts going through my head and not nearly enough time to plan and execute the post I wanted to do. I hope you all had a nice time with your families. Perhaps, I'll plan ahead next year and be ready with a post so that I can just add it to my blog without having to plan and type it that day.

We went to my parents' after church on Sunday. The boys stayed the night, so we got to play a board game with the girls after we got home. The boys are too young for the game, so it was the perfect opportunity.


Damama T said...

It is such a great feeling to get the junk out of a room. My office looks like a file cabinet threw up in it. Think I could get Jon to come tidy it up, too? ;o)

Glad you had a good Easter. We enjoyed our time with Liz. It made us miss her just that much more and long for the day she comes home. Hopefully sane and stable. Sorry- didn't mean to get all gloomy. xoxoxo

Brandi said...

You probably don't want Jon for that job. All the papers would end up tossed into a basket or box somewhere.

Brandi said...

I'm back I had to leave for a while.

You don't need to apologize, Damama.
I'm glad you enjoyed her visit. I'm sure she misses you just as much or more than you miss her. She may even miss you more than her bunny. ;.)