Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday at the Owings Cafe

Friday was Puppy Dog's day in the kitchen.

Puppy Dog chops onions. (This was a very sharp knife and he thought he should move at lightning speed. He really made me nervous.)

Puppy Dog cutting hot dogs. (We had leftover grilled hot dogs from earlier in the week. Notice that he is using a fork and a different knife. The fork keeps his fingers out of harms way and the knife was an old dull steak knife.)

P.D. puts the chopped hot dogs into the pot with the onions.

P.D. dumps in pork and beans.

P.D. stirs the beans and weenies after I added some brown sugar and ketchup.

P.D. cuts bananas in half.

P.D. counts out baby carrots onto Daddy's plate.

Puppy Dog shows off his plate.


Aunt Tammy said...

wow puppy dog, good job cutting the onions, I didn't realize you were big enough for that kinda job yet!

Brandi said...

Well, thanks! I didn't know I was that good at cutting either.

--Puppy Dog

Damama T said...

Wow, PD! LOOK AT YOU! I'm very impressed!

Brandi - Just a word of knife advice. Check out this link for more information:

Dull knives are way more dangerous than sharp ones... a fact to which I can attest after having nearly cut off my left index finger with one! It might be better to teach PD how to slow down and move more carefully than to risk having him slip with a dull knife and whack off a finger tip. ;o)