Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday at the Owings Cafe

We had fish sticks, fries, green beans, and macaroni and cheese for lunch today. Kitty Kat made the macaroni and cheese. We have a cold bug going around right now and it just might spread a little quicker now. Kitty Kat ate off the cooking spoon and then put it back in the pan. We added more milk and cooked it a little extra in the hopes that any germs would be killed off since Kitty Kat has a sore throat.

We had drop biscuits and dried beef gravy with buttered peas and mashed potatoes for supper. Kitty Kat made the biscuits from the recipe without my help until it came time to put them on the baking pan. She also did most of the work on making the gravy and mashed potatoes. I helped her by fixing the peas so she wouldn't be totally overwhelmed. We also worked together to make peppermint flavored hot tea.

Kitty Kat mixes the biscuit dough.

Yech! Kitty Kat wasn't fond of the Crisco on her fingers after greasing the pan.

Kitty Kat stirs the gravy.

Kitty Kat fixes Little Bear's plate.

Kitty Kat shows off her plate.


Brandi said...

Haha! I realized tonight that we had potatoes and green veggies twice today. I guess we'll let it slide since it's St. Patrick's Day.

Damama T said...

That little girl's smile could melt the coldest heart!

And yes, you can let it slide as long as they were IRISH taters! LOL!