Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On Second Thought... And, We're Still At It

We never did start the elimination diet. Of course if you've been keeping up with us you probably already figured that out. I'm pretty sure there would have been a mutiny if I had started the diet. Everyone was relieved when we made the announcement. I think more center aisle foods made it into our cart on the last shopping trip. Of course, that may have been because everything else was so expensive and we had limited funds.


The kids are still helping me in the kitchen on their days to pray. They each have their own count-down going to the day they get to help next. Yesterday, Froggie helped make pepperoni pizza. Today, Kitty Kat helped make PB&J sandwiches and a vegetable salad. We also had a fruit and nut salad that I made to go with it. Birdie had to check (for the umpteenth time) to make sure that tomorrow is her day to help before she would go to bed. Cold cereal and bananas (breakfast), vegetable beef stew with rolls or biscuits (lunch), and chili and rice (supper) are on the menu for tomorrow. I also have some leftover oatmeal from this morning's breakfast, so I may make some muffins for snacks.


TMBMT said...

that's funny, I made veggie beef soup tonight to have for dinner tomorrow :D

I still have to eat mine with PB&J sandwiches though lol

Karen said...

brandi thank you for coming by my blog. I wanted to thank you for the Issac suggestion. We have thought of that one, just not sold on it yet. LOL I did know that those names are biblical but they are also our family "namesake" names. I'm looking for biblical names that are unique as in no one in our family has them yet. LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed my post.
God Bless,

Brandi said...


LOL! Jon is up and running already, so our plans have already changed. We'll be having oriental for lunch, so the stew will have to be for supper. Jon and the kids prefer stew over soup, so I don't make it soup all the time.



You're welcome!

The name Benjamin Isaac has a special place in my heart. :)

TMBMT said...

somehow I read soup instead of stew there, I was tired :D

I tried to make stew meat as well but fell asleep and burnt it to a crisp (I thought i had it low enough it wouldn't burn, but I was wrong, doh).

Damama T said...

I'm gonna have to look up this elimination diet thing. It does not sound like any fun!

I'm so impressed that you get even close to making a menu. I can never think of anything to cook. HATE IT! UGH! ;o)

Tara O'Rourke said...

WHAT elimination diet????????

Brandi said...

The elimination diet we were going to do was one to check for food allergies. You cut out all but a few foods and then gradually add them back in to check for reactions.