Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday at the Owings Cafe

Today was Monkey's turn in the kitchen. She helped make stir fry veggies (we also added a bag of broccoli so we would have enough to go around) with chicken and teriyaki sauce, rice, and fruit cocktail. She also helped make mandarin orange spice tea.

Monkey cuts up chicken (precooked with yesterday's lunch).

Monkey stirs the chicken and veggies.

Monkey adds teriyaki sauce.

Monkey shows off her plate.


TMBMT said...

I just realized you've had the girls wearing their StoryBlox aprons, glad they're getting some use out of them! :)

Monkey always looks so young in photos because you can't hear her precociousness. This wouldn't be a bad meal if you'd left out all that broccoli (yuck! lol)

I finally broke down and made kung pao for myself the other day, stir-fry was always Fred's department.

Brandi said...

The girls wear their aprons any time they have to do dishes or help cook. They LOVE them. The boys wore one of my aprons this week.

The kids aren't big on plain broccoli, but they'll all eat it if it is seasoned or has cheese on it. I love broccoli either way.

Stir fry would probably work better if I had a wok. My iron skillet can hold enough for the whole family, but my biggest burners aren't big enough to let it heat evenly. We ended up putting one of our big pizza pans over the skillet as a cover so the frozen veggies would heat through. Using fresh veggies probably wouldn't hurt either. It's a good thing we like soft veggies, because they definitely were soft. LOL

Damama T said...

The food looks great, but the one thing that really struck me was that Monkey and Little Bear look so much alike. That is so cool!

OH - and adding the broc! Genius! What kind of silly person WOULDN'T like little trees??? DUH! (Just picking atcha, TMBMT. ;O} )

TMBMT said...

lol, I actually like the trees when they're raw - I'm allergic to anything in that family (cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower) once it's cooked -- I think it might be the yeast that grows on it I'm allergic to, which would get activated when it's cooked -- not sure though. In any case, I can't even stand to be in the same house when that stuff's cooking lol.