Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday at the Owings Cafe

Today is Little Bear's day in the kitchen again. He helped make Hot Pot Slop for lunch.

L.B. pours the cheese sauce mix into the pot. Do you see the cheesy pose? He kept wanting to do this for each picture, but I told him to watch what he was doing.

L.B. dumps the corn into the pot.

L.B. scrapes tuna into the pot.

L.B. adds an extreme amount of Worcestershire sauce to the pan. (It ended up being just fine.)

L.B. pours milk from the cream of mushroom soup can.

L.B. nearly stirs the pot off the stove. (Actually, it just started to slide a bit as I snapped the picture. I grabbed the pot right after the shot. I had to tell him to hold onto the pan every time he stirred before this. This time, I just decided to capture the moment. Now, I can point out why he needs to hold the handle with a visual.)

Little Bear shows off his plate.


Anonymous said...

That looks disgusting, you ate that?

Brandi said...

It's quite good actually. Don't let the name fool you. It's a versatile recipe that we adapted from Jon's childhood. In college we made it in hot pots. Some of our friends insisted that we name it, so we called it Hot Pot Slop or HPS. The version we did today was basically a tuna casserole. It can also be made with other meats (Jon's mom usually used ham), veggies, and cream soups.

Brandi said...

Little Bear wants to know who it is that doesn't like Hot Pot Slop. He also says that if they don't like it, then they can't eat it. He and Puppy Dog are amazed that someone wouldn't like it.

FYI - This dish can be made from scratch. We didn't today because we needed a quick lunch before Jon went to work. That and we happened to have the needed items on hand.

TMBMT said...

LOL it does look kinda gross there Brandi... course, I'd eat the same thing if it was something other than corn you threw in there (like peas)... not so sure about the worchestershire sauce though...

Brandi said...

We usually make it with peas. However, since we had a lot of green veggies last week, we decided to go with corn.

Damama T said...

Hot Pot Slop! I love it! Never ate it, but if I ever get up that way, that is what I want for dinner! But not with peas... Sorry, but I just can't do slimy green bb things floating in my soup. Or anywhere else on my plate, for that matter! LOL! So NO PEAS, PLEASE!

I hope LB learned his stirring lesson! Would hate for him to end up with that slop all over his cut self.