Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brr. . . It's getting cold.

J. and I started putting plastic over the windows yesterday. We still have a lot of areas to cover to get rid of all the drafts. We're going to have to get more house wrap. We were able to cover the windows in our back porch room with enough left to cover two more windows. We still have eighteen windows in the upstairs to cover. If we cover the rest of the downstairs windows that is an additional twelve windows. Yikes, we have a lot of windows! We should save a lot on energy costs and be warmer if we get them all covered. They are nowhere near airtight.


Damama T said...

wow.. big house. Is it an old (like OLD) house? Is there a picture somewhere of it? I love big houses! Especially the ones busting at the seams with lots of love! That's really why you have so many leaks, ya know! ;o) xoxo

Brandi said...

Yes, it is old. It was built in 1871. Believe it or not, our house is one of the smallest on our street. The houses here are old and huge. Of course that means that there are tons of home repair projects to try to get done. Our home looks terrible right now. We have a lot of outside repairs that need made (hopefully after tax returns). Maybe I can post a picture later.