Thursday, December 13, 2007

We missed getting to carol.

The older two girls and I were supposed to go caroling with a group of girls from church yesterday. J.'s mom was going to watch the other kids. We didn't get to go because all three of us were running low grade fevers. One girl was off balance too, so we pushed fluids and called off. I would have hated to pass on some illness to a person in the elderly home, but we sure were disappointed.
One girl had even slipped the thermometer out of her underarm to make it read lower. She didn't think I would notice. There was something odd about her temperature dropping so rapidly so I caught on right away. J. and I constantly amaze her, she can rarely get away with anything. We must have been pretty sneaky when we were kids.

Oops! I realized that I had named names w/o permission. I have since taken out the names.

Please accept my apologies girls.


Damama T said...

I wonder what stories your mom could tell on YOU??? LOL!!

Brandi said...

Hmm... Mom, if you read this, feel free to share. If your post is too embarrassing I just won't publish it.

Damama T said...

Come on, Mom - SPILL!! Or if you want you can come over to my blog and leave a message she can't delete! MWAAA HAA HAA HAAAAA! Mommies UNITE!! LOL!!

Poor Brandi - If your mom and I gang up, you are in biiiiiig trouble! LOL!!


Brandi said...


Mom's out of town right now, but I'm sure she could tell some stories on me.

I read your comment and debated about posting it. I'll have to be more careful about my posts on your site if my mom reads it too. lol