Friday, December 28, 2007

Rolling Out The Dough

This evening, Baby Bear came marching through the house. He was holding each end of the boys' rocking horse handle (wooden dowel with rounded ends) and pretending to roll the "pin" back and forth. All the while he was singing, "Holling out da dough! Holling out da dough!". My little chef in training. : )


Damama T said...

What an image! LOL! Maybe there should be a Peewee Iron Chef competition!

Hey, I see you put up a new family photo. (I still have to refer back to it to make sure I have faces with names!) They've grown!

Brandi said...

damama t,

Yes, they have grown. The first picture I had up was from the Spring of 2006, I think. The picture that is up now was from September 2007.