Tuesday, December 4, 2007


J. pulled out his karaoke machine today. We all had a blast singing together. Each of us took a turn singing a solo and /or duet and we all sung a lot of the songs together. Yes, Mom, that is what was going on in the background when we talked on the phone earlier.


TMBMT said...

how come no one ever told me you had a karaoke machine?!?

We should drive mom nuts and get it out some holiday! :p

Brandi said...

We haven't had the karaoke machine out much. J. got it from a work event a while back. I don't remember how long we have had it (not much more than a year). J. decided to leave it out so we'll probably be using it more often.

Damama T said...

And that's just one more reason that being an only child STINKS! Nobody to make fun of the rest of the family's singing with! Lol!!