Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Kids Like Their Presents

They like them so much that they kept disappearing upstairs today to play with their Barbies and other toys. Our upstairs phone/intercom needs a new battery and they ignore me when I holler. So, in order to get them to do their chores today, I had to have them all take a potty break and then I locked* them downstairs with me. It's amazing how much can get done when we work together.

*The door that leads to our upstairs has a keyed lock on one side and a turn button on the other side. The kids used to lock each other upstairs so we had to turn the handles so that the turn button is on the stair side and the keyhole is on the other side. That way, if the door gets locked, the kids can unlock it if they are on the stair side. DH and I usually have our keys somewhere downstairs. I just kept mine in my pocket this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

lol at locking each other upstairs... I can't IMAGINE where they'd have gotten that kind of mischievousness from... their Mommy and her siblings CERTAINLY never would have done such things lol

glad they liked their presents though :)

Brandi said...

lol Yes, I'm sure we were perfect saints. Watch out for lightning to strike!
At least my kids would lock their siblings on the side of the door where the working bathroom is. If I remember correctly, we locked each other out of the bathroom, out of the car, and outside. Hmm...I even remember our darling brother locking me in my room. Too bad for him, he had shown me how to unlock the hook and eye with a card the Christmas before. lol