Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eight in the Kitchen

My wonderful husband gave me a break so that I could relax and try to get rid of a headache. Meanwhile, J. started making egg kisses with all six kids in the kitchen. He was very patient! I usually try to have one or two kids help me in the kitchen at a time. On occasion I will have them all help, but I have to be in a really patient mood.

After a while, I joined them all in the kitchen and helped them finish the egg kisses. Every time I turned around I was tripping on someone. J. had to help me stay calm.


Damama T said...

Hey sweets! Hope that headache finally got better!

I'm so sorry that I just sort of flaked out on you! I'll get back on fixing your picture tonight! I went through a really bumbed out period. Stuff with the visit wasn't as rosy posy as it might sound. I just can't put it all in there because Lady N reads the blog. Don't need to make things tough on my son. AACK! LOL!!

Anyway.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope to see more from you here soon!



Brandi said...

Headaches are the norm for me. It's just a matter of the type and degree of pain. Some days are worse than others.

I figured you were busy with your family. I'm sorry to hear that things didn't go as well as you hoped.

I'll probably be posting more now that the holidays are mostly over. (There is the Ohio State game on Monday.) DH will be on vacation this coming week. We hope to finish our bathroom remodel. So, I may not be posting that much. I'll be sanding seams and painting walls.

Egg kisses are sort of like a meringue cookie consisting of stiffly whipped egg whites, sugar, vinegar, vanilla, and food coloring (optional). The mixture is then piped onto parchment paper (in a "Hershey Kiss" shape) lined baking sheets and baked in a cold (not preheated) oven at ~225 degrees for 1 hour. If you listen carefully after you take them out of the oven, then you can hear them cracking. It sounds like faint tinkling or Rice Crispies in milk. They cool quickly and are ready to eat right away. They sort of melt in your mouth.

Brandi said...

Obviously, that last comment was in answer to damama t.