Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Symbols

This is an image of our tree. J. asked the children if they could tell what certain symbols remind us of. Each child got at least one turn to answer.

We use: a tree - to represent the cross that Jesus died on
an evergreen tree - God's love for us is eternal
white lights - the purity of Jesus and Jesus is the Light of the World
the star topper - the star that guided the wise men
the color red - Jesus' blood and love for us
gold - Jesus is the King of Kings and Prince of Peace

cross - Jesus died on the cross for our sins

heart - the heart is the seat of our emotions and "God so loved the world . . ." John 3:16
angels - the angels who appeared to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds.

After we talked about these items, Jon talked about how we add other ornaments that mean something to us and remind us that God is interested in our lives (or something like that). He also made sure to mention that we choose to decorate our tree with these colors and others choose other colors, it's just a matter of preference. So if you use colored lights, don't worry our children won't be appalled or shocked. :)

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Damama T said...

Way to go, MOM and DAD! Making sure they have a solid understanding that it's not just about presents, but about God and Family are the gifts that will truly last a lifetime!