Sunday, November 25, 2007

Black Friday

There was a popular game that I wanted to get two of, one for home and one for a nephew. I won't mention the name in case someone looks over my shoulder. So I was at Wal-mart at a quarter to five Friday morning.

I went to the game aisle and there were none there. I asked an associate who told me that if it was an advertised sale it would be in such and such area on the other side of the store. So, I went to the other side of the store and joined the vultures, err I mean other customers.

At five the employees cut the black plastic off the pallets of product and guess what? The game I was after was no where to be found. I went back to the toy department and asked another associate who said it should be where I just looked. I said it wasn't. She asked another associate. The other associate said it was where I had already looked. The aforementioned associated said it's over there.

I went back over "there". There was one pallet that had two different games on it and I asked the associate by the pallet if she knew where "the game" was. She said it wasn't over there and she didn't know where it was.

I decided it was a lost cause and went to pay for my mousetraps (that's another post). While in line, I noticed that the lady two people in front of me had "the game". That was the first one I had seen all morning. (Yes, I was looking into other peoples carts etc. to see if they had the game.) I asked the lady where she got it and she said it was on the back wall of the toy department and that there were a lot of them.

I went to the back of the toy department and they weren't on the back wall. I asked an associate who was restocking the games if he knew where it was. He did not. However, a customer walking by said it was "right over there at the back and there are only six left". I was at the back wall still.

I walked over to the sporting goods section where she had pointed and nothing. I decided to check the next walkway forward. There, not ten feet from where the second associate in the third paragraph above had been standing, was an endcap full of the game. The top shelf only had about six games on it, but the other two-three shelves had probably between thirty-fifty of the games on each.

I grabbed two and then went to check out. Success in less than an hour.

By the way, shouldn't the associates know where things are? If it were me I would make sure I walked through the store before the sale to get an idea at the least. If it weren't for the kind customers, I wouldn't have gotten the games. The kids and I went to Wal-mart later that evening to get some household items and all of "the games" were gone.

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