Monday, November 26, 2007

Who are you?

I posted some things on FreeCycle yesterday. Today, I had two people who were supposed to come get items. The first item was picked up successfully. Then, as I was waiting for a lady I had dealt with before to come pick up some infant toys, a lady I didn't know came. She said her friend, Kimberly had e-mailed me and they looked up my address and came. Even though I had received a lot of e-mails, I did not receive one from anyone named Kimberly. I also don't have my address listed with Yahoo! or FreeCycle. I guess they must have looked my name up in the phone book. The only person I had contacted about the toys was the the lady I was expecting. I allowed the stranger to take a couple toys and made sure I held back one that had been requested by the lady I knew. The lady who was supposed to come pulled up just as the other lady was leaving.

I don't get it. Why would a person show up to pick something up that was not reserved for them. But most of all, how did the lady get my address?


TMBMT said...

some people are just... well... rude

Did you check your spam/junkmail folder though? half of my mail ends up there from freecycle.

As far as how they found you, it's not hard, especially with the internet... if they know your name they can look you up on, which compiles all of the white page directories. Using just your last name, which I think is in your email address, and the town sprinfield, ohio, they can find you pretty darn easily...

I won't scare you by pointing out all the other information people can find on you :P

Brandi said...

I just got home a little while ago and guess what? There was an e-mail from a Kimberly. The time on the e-mail was 5:10pm. Kimberly's mom (learned this through the e-mail) had come to my house at least four hours before that. She must not have sent the e-mail when she composed it.

Damama T said...

HI! I followed you here from Lucille's playground over at Who's going to tell you?

YAY! More Freecyclers! We have a problem with people in our area picking up stuff that's not theirs, too. You just have to be very careful about how you schedule things and what info you put on your personal info. I'm sorry you had such a scary experience. Hope it doesn't sour you completely on Freecycle.

Hope to see you over at my little corner of the world soon!