Saturday, November 10, 2007

DH and the Pita Bread

I mentioned to DH that TMBMT asked if I would make pita bread for her. His response was, "That was homemade?" I said yes and asked if he liked it. He said it was good, but could I please make it bigger next time. The recipe made sixteen small pitas. DH and I decided together that the next time I would make sixteen small ones for the kids and eight larger ones for us. After eating the leftover pitas tonight, I think I will make eight small pitas for the kids and four large pitas for us. The leftover pitas were hard to split and a little tough.

TMBMT, I'll try to make fresh pitas for you sometime. I'm not sure how well they would freeze.

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Lucille said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am checking out yours as I type - nice job you are doing!

I'm hungry now - for Pita bread!