Thursday, November 1, 2007

A freezer and A Cabinet Done and A Refrigerator to Go

Kitty Kat helped me defrost our freezer today. She helped unload it, use a blow dryer on it to speed the process, dump out buckets of ice and water, and then reload it. The whole thing went much smoother with her help. I really enjoyed working with her.
Monkey also helped dump a bucket of water and ice. She also took the items we needed to toss out to the trash. If I remember correctly she even had a smile on her face. ;)
The other kids (perhaps not Froggie) dropped by from time to time to check out the progress.

Puppy Dog and Baby Bear helped take everything out of a corner cabinet in our kitchen for me. The cabinet is very deep and I can't reach the back of it. The little kids enjoyed helping because it meant they could climb into the cabinet.
Monkey wiped out the cabinet after the boys cleared it out.
I then inventoried everything and then organized it in the cabinet.

Now, I just need to clean out the refrigerator and I'll be ready for a big restocking trip to the store.

Froggie did help empty the dishwasher today. Monkey then refilled it and I checked it added a few more items and ran it.

Birdie did put away her videos. She fussed the whole time, but she did do it. She needs a Strawberry Shortcake fix. We haven't watched her videos in while. Perhaps, I could let her watch one tomorrow.

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