Thursday, November 8, 2007

No more store bought pita's for me!

The homemade pita bread was a success. It was easy, so easy that I could even have the kids make it. I would have to man the oven. I'm not comfortable with the thought of children and a 500 degree oven.

The kids are still feeling irritable. The aforementioned daughter is still fighting a fever. None of the children were ready for our regular curriculum today so we did some odds and ends.

I had told the kids that we would be writing letters sometime in the near future. They all decided to start today. We're out of stamps, so they won't go out until this weekend. Froggie will make hers into an e-mail (She already has it handwritten.). Kitty Kat has her second draft done, but she printed the letter the second time around. I'm making her rewrite it in cursive. Puppy Dog keeps drawing pictures and then folding them into really small squares. I'm going to have him sit down tomorrow and write another letter and then help him fold it to fit in an envelope. The other three haven't finished their letters, yet.

I received a link to a printable Highlights picture search today, so I printed enough copies for everyone. The kids really enjoyed getting to do the search.

Several of the children were doing math on their own. Puppy Dog was doing Lego math today. It's been a while since we have done that. I think he may have gotten the idea on his own.

Baby Bear was so funny today. He took his shoes and socks off and I made him put them back on. He came to show me that he had them on and they were on the wrong feet. He argued with me about them being on the wrong feet while grinning from ear to ear. He does that when he is being silly. I told him that his left shoe was on his right foot and his right shoe was on his left foot. He crossed his legs and then said, "No they're not!". I said, "Well, when you cross your legs they're on the right sides, but they're still on the wrong feet." He giggled and then said, "This is my right foot" (points to his left foot), "and this is my left foot" (points to his right foot). He was grinning from ear to ear. I realized that he probably does know his right from his left. He did the same thing several times throughout the day and he always pointed to the opposite side; which of course had the shoe that corresponded to the side he said. I don't consciously teach the kids things like right and left. I just use the terms in everyday life as I am doing stuff with them and in directions I give them. Hmm . . . maybe that is consciously teaching them. Anyway, I wasn't really expecting Baby Bear to understand, yet. After all, he's not even three. That's one of the things I love about homeschooling. I get to see when things click into place, and I see the results of the younger kids observing adults and the older kids.

We are back into Wisdom Words for the year. We're doing the Kindergarten sounds practice (like speech therapy) for Birdie, Puppy Dog, and Baby Bear. We were doing the exercises as a family the other night and Kitty Kat got grumpy. When she was asked what was wrong, she said she thought some of school was babyish. I had to remind her that the speech therapy was not for her but for those who needed it and that we did it as a family to make it more fun for the younger ones. She seemed alright with it after that.


tmbmt said...

So do I get pita with my next batch of laundry soap?!?

Actually, baby bear corrected ME on right and left once when we went to Georgia (I only know my right from left when I look to see which hand my watch is on lol), so he new the difference then!

Brandi said...


I sent you an e-mail about the laundry det. and pitas.