Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update and School Stuff

Thursday I was in the kitchen fixing dinner when Birdie came in and told me that there were two or three police cars outside with their lights flashing. She said that they were going this way and that way and gestured with her hands. Huh? then she said that there were other cars and they had wrecked. The rest of the family was in the living room, so I went there and asked DH if there had been a wreck. He hadn't even notice the police cars. Just then, there was a knock on our door and DH answered it. I went back to fixing dinner until the kids came rushing in exclaiming that Daddy was in the backyard with the police looking around with flashlights. The officers said they had stopped a suspect beside our house (we're on a corner) and before they had turned the corner they had lost sight of the suspect for a time. They weren't sure if the suspect had a gun or not and were concerned that a gun may have been tossed over our privacy fence. This wouldn't be too far fetched. We once found a lady's purse someone had tossed over our fence. We haven't come across any guns. Hopefully, we never will. In the meantime, we have to be careful about the kids being in the back yard.


We started a Thanksgiving lapbook and I just had to share the cover idea I came up with. We are using a "Learn 'N Folder" unit from Live and Learn Press. We liked the front page of the download, but I wanted to make it personal. There was a box that said it was a Live 'N Learn Folder from Live and Learn Press. I scanned a recent family portrait, resized it, and printed it out. Then I glued the portrait behind the box and cut around the margins of the front page graphics. I then glued this to the front of our folder. I was going to post a picture of the front cover, but for some reason the picture won't download. I'll try to post pictures when we finish the lapbook.

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