Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Naps All Around

Our whole family has been tired lately. We just never seem to be rested. Today, the kids and I have seen the beginning of the solution (I hope.).

I was reading LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE to the kids when DH had to leave for work. Baby Bear and Puppy Dog were in desperate need of naps, so I had them sitting on my lap and beside me respectively. The girls were curled up nearby. Everyone was covered with blankets and quilts. We were definitely cozy. Baby Bear and I think Puppy Dog fell asleep while I was reading. I became super drowsy and could barely keep my eyes open, so I passed the book to Kitty Kat and asked her to read the next chapter.

While Kitty Kat was reading, I was dozing in and out. While dozing I gave the occasional necessary directions to "please listen to your sister," "let her have some space too," "If you don't settle down, you will lose your spot on the couch," etc. You get the idea. A mom's job is continual. I sent Birdie to my bed. Kitty finished the chapter, and I announced (read mumbled) that no one was to get up or get crazy. Everyone was to take a nap. After some minor attitude, I got everyone to curl up. Monkey was the final hold out and she finally gave in to the nap after I got her to stay under her blanket.

I woke around six and had to unbury myself. In the process of moving the boys I woke them. I fixed drinks for the kids, and then prepared supper. Then I woke up the girls. I want them to sleep tonight!

Hopefully, our nap time was just what we needed. I think we all feel better.

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TMBMT said...

lol I had too take a nap today too! ... maybe we can blame it on the crappy weather