Thursday, November 29, 2007


My oldest two daughters were just initiated into I.A.H. (I Am His) last night. I.A.H. is a Bible club for middle schoolers. They had to attend five meetings during a set time period and memorize four bylaws, The Beatitudes, and Mathew 5:11-12 to be eligible. Last year I messed up and they didn't get to enough meetings. There wasn't a class for me on Sunday nights and I thought I.A.H. met on Wednesday nights. We were faithfully at every Wed. night church event. Then when it was almost time for the initiation, I found out from my niece that I.A.H. was on Sunday nights. I guess I could have found something to do on Sun. nights. Oh, well. The girls got to be honorary members last year. This year they are full members. Kitty was hoping this year to have a leadership position in the group, but since she isn't a two year member she is ineligible.

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